What To Mix Protein Powder With

what to mix protein powder with
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The human body needs sufficient amounts of protein. This kind of biomolecule helps in the proper functioning, control, structure and repair of the body’s tissues and different organs.

You can get protein in foods that are rich in it like eggs, fish, meats, soy products, chicken and legumes. However, eating the right amount of food rich in protein can be inconvenient, so a great alternative for this is protein powder.

The Right Mix: What To Mix Protein Powder With?

Many individuals now supplement their current diet with a suitable protein powder so they can acquire the right quantities of protein that they need in a day. There are essentials you need to know about the supplement and they will be discussed in this article along with what to mix a protein powder with.

Protein is instrumental in muscle building, and it also helps when it comes to muscle recovery. Whenever an individual is active or undergoes training, the muscles also undergo a restoration mode. To further enhance recovery, additional amounts of protein can be beneficial.

Protein can also aid in metabolism—whenever you consume the right quantity of protein, it will allow the body to make use of fat reserves.

Protein powder has lots of advantages and products that are composed of natural ingredients and formulas are excellent sources for those who are not capable of consuming their daily required protein. If the powder is supplemented with the right amounts of exercise or a fitness routine plus a wholesome diet, it will lead to even better results.

One way to know if this kind of protein supplement works is to check out the number of individuals drinking the item in the gym or health spa. However, keep in mind that many people use it due to several reasons. There are protein powder products which make use of completely natural ingredients and are an excellent resource for those who are not capable of consuming sufficient proteins every day.

Once combined with a wholesome diet and fitness routine, it can lead to better results. As much as possible, check the nutritional label on such products and make sure that they are composed of natural ingredients and do not have any additives or any harmful items.

Before buying a product, you might have wondered what to mix protein powder with. People often talk about what liquid is most recommended for the supplement—is it water or milk? Let us discuss such options so you can easily understand which kind you will most likely prefer. Here are some of those options.


Water is the most used liquid to mix with protein powders due to its calorie-free attribute. This is recommended mostly for individuals who want to use the protein powder to lose weight. Water also makes for excellent hydration and it will allow you to further cleanse your whole body. However, it’s water so it will not provide a creamy taste or body to the beverage. It will give shakes and smoothies a thinner texture.


Regular milk from cows is a nice way to give your protein powder beverage a creamier consistency due to the fat content. It will also give the beverage more protein so this is beneficial for individuals who want a higher dose of the stuff.

The mix will also provide milk sugars, which are a type of carbohydrate in order to make faster post-workout recovery. Regular cow’s milk also contains calcium and vitamin D. However, this mix is not recommended for people who are lactose-intolerant or want to lose weight.

Almond milk

Almond milk is another option for a protein powder mix. The product differs in terms of calorie count, with the unsweetened kind having only 30 calories for every cup. It has a low-protein content so you will not get optimal amounts of it. It has vitamin E for better skin and hair and will also provide the beverage with a creamier taste and body.

Soy milk

Another option on what to mix protein powder with is soy milk. The soy kind is often used by people who live the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but this option is also suggested for those who are lactose intolerant. Men should give soy products some thought though since it can have a negative effect on their bodies because of its capability to create estrogen; hence, it would be safer if they opt for other options.

This kind has higher calories compared to cow’s milk, but there are fat-free products available. Furthermore, make sure to check if there is any added sugar in a product before buying. There are flavored protein powders which are rich in sugar.


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