What Is Protein Powder Made Of

what is protein powder made of
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Many individuals and athletes know the benefits of protein powders. However, not all of us are familiar with their contents, how they work, and how essential it is to our fitness goals. To completely understand what is protein powder made of, this article will discuss what you should know about the product.

Key Ingredients: What Is Protein Powder Made Of

A majority of protein powders do have 1-3 particular kinds of protein. These proteins include whey, casein and soy. There are also other sorts of proteins which are plant-based like rice, pea and hemp.

These plant-based proteins are for individuals who want a more natural option and they are also recommended for those who are lactose intolerant, vegetarians and vegans. Here are the different kinds of protein powder being sold on the market right now.

Whey protein

The most common among these types is whey protein. Whey protein is also a whole protein which means that this kind comes with the 9 crucial amino acids that you need to help build the body. It has rich amounts of biomolecules and those who take these compounds will receive per serving compared to other powder types. It is also affordable and recommended for those who don’t have a problem making use of products that are animal-based and can tolerate dairy.

Soy protein

This type originates from soybeans and it is different from whey protein. It’s still plant based, however it contains enough quality protein to promote for muscle gain. This kind can also help lower cholesterol levels, plus it has sufficient amounts of amino acids which the body requires.

If this protein powder is used regularly without fail, it can have good effects on a person’s lifestyle, particularly individuals who do not eat meat. This is also a great option for individuals who cannot tolerate whey or need something that can help curb their appetite between meals.

Casein protein

Casein protein has attributes which make it different from whey protein; however, some experts recommend using both in tandem because they both work well with each other. Casein protein is known to share the same composition as breast milk; thus, it is simpler to digest.

It is a natural amino acid resource as well. Casein protein can naturally be broken down bit by bit so the body can utilize it for an extended time. This is recommended for individuals who want a protein source that functions slowly and can tolerate products that come from animals.

Hemp protein

Hemp protein is another all-natural, plant-based option. It has all of the amino acids that you need and it provides ample energy and enough protein in order to help you gain muscle. It is simple to digest compared to other protein kinds and is a great alternative to whey protein in case the body cannot process it excellently. This option is legal in 50 states in the US and is a great vegan/vegetarian option too.

Rice protein

Rice protein comes from rice and is the similar kind of protein that you can acquire from products like rice milk. It can be utilized by individuals who are not into consuming meat and other kinds of animal byproducts.

There are many rice protein powders being sold on the market right now, available in different flavor choices from standards like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. They actually taste better compared to whey protein; however, if you want better protein absorption, you can get that from whey protein powders.

It does not contain gluten so it can be used by individuals with celiac disease or those who follow a gluten-free diet. It does not include ingredients like soy and dairy as well. This option is recommended for individuals who like rice and other kinds of rice products and those who cannot tolerate whey or any item that comes from an animal source.


Now that you know what is protein powder made of in powder form, you can choose any of those options. Some of these forms give a great deal of protein, while others are plant-based and just perfect for vegetarians or vegans.

There are also types which can be taken in by lactose-intolerant people and those who cannot consume products that contain gluten. There is a wide variety of protein powders out there and you will definitely end up with a product that will suit your needs. You can try each of them to discover which works best for you.




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