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Whey protein is believed by a lot of knowledgeable individuals as the best kind among the protein powder bunch, particularly for faster results. Because there are plenty of brands and products available on the market right now, it can be difficult choosing one that will suit your needs.

If you want more information about products, you can always rely on reviews. Check what other people have said about the product and it will help you with your buying decisions. Curious about Naked Whey? Here are the good—and the bad things—about the product.

Features of the NAKED WHEY

  • Genuine 100% grass-fed whey protein
  • Does not have additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors
  • GMO and growth hormone free
  • Free from soy and gluten
  • Filled with clean proteins, high-quality amino acids and glutathione
  • Undergoes cold processing to guarantee no contamination from acid, bleach, artificial additives or heavy metals
  • Excellent for pre- and post-workout routines

NAKED WHEY 5LB 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder - US Farms, #1 Undenatured, Bulk, Unflavored - GMO, Soy, and Gluten Free - No Preservatives - Stimulate Muscle Growth - Enhance Recovery - 76 Servings


Naked Whey is a product that comes from cow’s milk. These cows are fed only with pure, 100% grass. The company creates products that are free from particular harmful elements like growth hormones, and GMOs. This product is also free from certain ingredients like soy and gluten. Naked Whey undergoes cold processing so it is free from bleach and acid. It contains minimal ingredients to make the proteins significantly pure.

The powder works by using a protein that is easy to digest and absorb; hence, the body will be able to use these proteins following a heavy workout. Protein powders, due to their composition, are in fact easier to digest compared to regular protein-rich foods and it allows bodies to take in these biomolecules at a faster level. This will in turn lead to nutrients getting to the muscles faster so it can progress and recover at the most optimal rate.

One of the most essential parts of a protein powder is the blend. The most popular protein sources include whey and at the moment, whey protein hydrolysate and protein isolates are considered the highest-ranked protein resources. These resources are valued due to their high nutrient content and easy, fast digestibility.

It is crucial to guarantee that the protein blend includes nothing but whey proteins since supplementing it with other ingredients will only taint the blend. Low-quality ingredients will further lower the quality of the product as well. This product comes with authentic grass-fed whey protein concentrate, which speaks of its excellent quality.

Any protein powder that has great quality comes with BCAA, or branched chained amino acids. These amino acids have an important effect on lean muscle gain and faster recovery. Protein comes with BCAA, however adding a sufficient quantity of it in the powder often leads to better results.

The product as previously mentioned is free from GMOs, soy, gluten and additives. It is made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk, which makes it one of the product’s selling points.

It is natural and wholesome, which is why it has garnered lots of positive points. This product has a single ingredient and that is whey protein. It does not come with other items, making it a wholly genuine, all-natural and pure protein source.

Many protein powders have grainy textures to them whenever mixed with liquids. However this one has a steady consistency and as soon as it is mixed with your preferred liquids whether water or milk, it turns into a foamy yet creamy drink that has a smooth, nice feel in your mouth. There is no presence of graininess or grit to the mix.


The product has positives written all over it; however, this one will be best if you include other ingredients in it like berries or your choice fruit because its natural taste is bland. Due to the nearly flavorless taste though, it makes for a great powder to mix with other ingredients. You can use it on any kind of recipe apart from shakes or smoothies.

While it did have a great texture, you may have some problems with certain mixing devices. The product was a bit challenging to mix smoothly with shaker containers. If you want better results, just go and use a blender and mix the powder with milk and some fresh fruit of our choice.


The Naked Whey protein powder is an excellent product, truth be told. It mixes evenly, has a creamy and rich texture once stirred with milk or water, goes well with fruits and other ingredients and is a pure, 100% whey protein product. It is natural and comes from grass-fed cows.

It does not contain any kind of additives and is free from GMOs, growth hormones, soy and gluten as well. If you cannot tolerate gluten and soy, then this product is for you. If you want a product that is clean and mixes well with other ingredients, make sure to check this one out.

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