How Much Protein Powder Should I Take?

How Much Protein Powder Should I Take
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If you are asking the question “how much protein powder should I take?” then you probably understand how essential consuming the right amount of protein is to achieving your goals. Protein powders are a good source of protein from sources such as eggs, soybeans, and milk. These powders provide a way to maximize the absorption of protein in your body in order for you to repair itself after a workout.

It is important to consult your doctor first before you start consuming large doses of protein drinks or any supplement for that matter. For general health, 2 bottles (20 g per bottle) a day of protein drinks is enough. It will help you maintain and preserve lean muscle. It is highly discouraged to take any more than the recommended dose.

Serving Sizes: How Much Protein Powder Should I Take?

Not all protein powders offer the same serving size and the amount you should take can also be dependent on the goal you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight, you might as well opt for only one scoop in order to keep your caloric intake low while still getting a good amount of protein.

If you want to gain muscle, we highly recommend that you go for at least 2 scoops. You can also try mixing your protein powder with almond milk or yogurt. The nutrients found in the milk and yogurt can supplement the nutrients provided by the protein powder.

For Those Who Are Physically Active

If going to the gym is a regular habit of yours, it is important that you have a higher amount of protein intake. Protein powders help you start your workout routine with a good push and end it with a bang. Protein powders allow your body to repair and grow after a workout.

For athletes who undergo extensive training, it is important to consume at least 30 g to 40 g of protein drinks right after your regular workout. This will help with muscle synthesis, protein synthesis and endurance. In protein synthesis, the protein helps rebuild muscle tissue and maintain lean muscle mass.

Most athletes prefer protein powders that are considered as “fast-acting protein”. This is normally consumed by strength athletes who want their bodies to absorb the nutrients quickly so they can be put to work immediately to help the growth and repair of muscles.

Consuming Protein Powders Safely

It is critical to observe the recommended amount of protein intake suggested by your doctor. There are so many protein powders available in the market today, some of which offer different minerals and vitamins necessary for achieving a good workout. Some of them may also certify that their products have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the ingredients are safe. However, it is important to always ask the question “how much protein powder should I take?”

In most cases, protein powders are harmless and safe. However, these powders are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which is why it is important to consult your doctor to ensure that whatever it is you are putting in your body is safe and in the right dosage.

10 to 35 Percent of Daily Calories

There is a certain amount of protein needed by everyone, and this varies depending on factors such as age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have passed a recommendation that 10 to 35 percent of your daily calories should come from protein sources such as protein drinks.

While consuming protein drinks can help you maintain your weight while keeping you fit, too much protein can lead to weight gain higher cholesterol levels and problems in the kidneys. Therefore, you should avoid going beyond the necessary protein level that your body needs.

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